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At, we believe in pushing the boundaries of human potential through the application of advanced directed energy concepts. Our products are designed to stimulate your mind, challenge your perceptions, and spark your imagination about the possibilities of tomorrow's technology.

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MindZapper 3000

Experience the thrill of simulated neural stimulation with our patented LED array. Warning: May cause vivid daydreams and an intense desire to wear tinfoil hats.

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Quantum Entanglement Mood Ring

This mood ring claims to change color based on your emotional state... and the emotional state of your quantum twin in a parallel universe!

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DIY Laser Pointer Upgrade Kit

Turn your ordinary laser pointer into a dazzling light show with our safe, low-power modification kit. Perfect for amateur astronomers and cat enthusiasts alike.

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New Arrivals

Tachyon Toothbrush

Clean your teeth faster than the speed of light! Our Tachyon Toothbrush promises to polish your pearly whites across multiple timelines simultaneously.

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About Us was founded by a group of science fiction enthusiasts, engineers, and pranksters who wanted to bring the excitement of futuristic technology to the masses. While our products may not actually harness the world destroying power of directed energy weapons, they're guaranteed to energize your imagination!


All products sold on are educational items and scientific curiosities. They do not emit harmful radiation, alter your brain waves, or allow communication with extraterrestrial beings (as far as we know). Please use responsibly and keep away from politicians.